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Terms & ConditionsTerms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Track Rules & Procedures

Where: The experience is onsite at Garners Garden Centre – ST5 6SH. Call in at the DarBro RC Shop before proceeding to the track. When: Please see the Contact Us link for our Track opening times. We may extend these times to take advantage of the extended daylight and or good weather. We will advise via our dedicated WhatsApp group should this happen. On days the shop is closed, the track is closed too. Everyone needs a day off right 🙂 Booking Track Time: We have an online booking system ready to go, but for now, just turn up and come to the shop counter to book in. We will take payment (if required), advise any special instructions and supply a disclaimer for you to sign. This applies to special memberships too. We need to keep track of who is onsite in case of emergency. Prices: Currently, we are running this special introductory pricing during the week at £7/Day/Driver. During the weekend, its £10/Day/Driver. Children under 12 driving with an adult are half price. No limit to how many cars you bring down. Once we enable the booking system, time on-track will be booked in 3-4 hour slots rather than a whole day. Buy a car from us and get a free session on the track. Who can drive on the track: This is a private track owned and run by DarBro RC Models, for customers of DARBRO. So long as you report to our shop, show your BRCA membership card and pay your track fee (if required), you become a customer of DARBRO. Car Size: Any size car from 1/18th to 1/8th scale models can be used on the RC experience track. Fuel Type: We are very protective of the great relationship we have with our neighbours. Electric cars only, please. Sorry, no Nitro or Petrol. Battery Limit: 4S (14.8v) limit for now. Parking: Plenty of free parking is available. As you turn off the main road, go straight past the main gates on the left and use the parking areas on the right. Overflow parking through the next set of gates. Toilets: Toilets are on-site in the main building, just past the tills by the exit doors. Age Limits: All ages allowed from 6-106. Under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Skill Level: All skill levels are welcome. We ask that the more skilled drivers remember that they were once beginners too. Please be patient with those less skilled, and perhaps even offer assistance and advice where possible. Other: Garners Garden Centre is fast developing into a shopping community. There are other shops also on-site that include fashion, crafts, bespoke furniture, pet supplies, restaurant/food/drinks and more. We ask you please try and support the whole site. STRICTLY no Drugs or Alcohol consumed anywhere on the DARBRO track or in the DARBRO Shop.
Mobile Devices: Please turn your mobile devices to silent when on the drivers platform or in the pits. We don't want our valued customers to crash cars after being distracted by a mobile phone. If you really want to enjoy your driving experience, turn them completely off 🙂 Spectators: For now, we are catering for drivers only. As we develop the track through the year, we may implement a dedicated spectators area. Food: Strictly no food on the driver's platform. Snacks allowed in the pits but please use the bin provided to discard wrappers ETC. Drinks: Strictly no drinks on the driver's platform. Drinks allowed in the pits but please use the bin provided to discard bottles/boxes ETC. Battery Storage: This is something that must be taken very seriously. All batteries, no matter the type, size, capacity or charge status, must be carried/stored in a battery Charge Bag or Battery Safe. So sorry but, no battery safety = no drive Battery Charging: This will be available in-store soon for a nominal fee (if not included in a membership tier) – not right now though. We recommend you come with fully charged batteries. No charging batteries on site, please. Pit Tables: There are 6 tables provided to facilitate battery changes and minor setup or repairs. If the site is busy, please clear your equipment from the tables before you go on-track to allow other customers to use the tables. Tables are not meant for any major repairs/servicing, so please clear your table ASAP. Drivers Platform: Only your Transmitter should be taken onto the platform. No loose batteries, food or drinks on the Driver's Platform, please.
Track Entrance: Once you have powered up your car, place your car in the track entrance. This will be explained to you when you visit the shop counter to book onto the site. No driving in the pits please. Once your car has been placed safely in the track entrance, take your position on the drivers podium at one of the numbered positions. Wait until it is safe for your car to enter the track before driving on. Track Exit: Please make sure you have slowed down sufficiently to make the track exit opening. Again, this will be explained to you when you visit the shop counter to book onto the site. Retrieving an incapacitated car from the track: It is important for the safety of yourself and other drivers to be aware at all times of cars on the track. Announce in a clear loud voice that you need to retrieve your car before entering a live track. Maximum Drivers: The track can take up to 9 drivers at a time. Please do not double battery if the track is busy. No pre-booking driver slots, please. Track Etiquette: Please exercise common sense when on the track. If it is seen that there is deliberate intention to break cars, whether your own or another, you may be asked to leave and may not be invited back. First and foremost, have fun, but not at someone else's expense. Track Direction: You must maintain track direction and make every effort to follow the track lanes. Please do not cut across track lanes … EVER! Marshalling: If not driving, please support your fellow drivers by marshalling on-track. Where Can You Drive: RC Cars can only be driven on the actual track. No driving anywhere else on the Garners site. This includes in the pits.
This is ongoing and we will continue to develop and update the track and facilities over the next year. WHATSAPP TRACK GROUP: We have a dedicated group on WhatsApp where we organise/announce late night sessions, discounts for race sessions, discounts in shop, events and so much more. Same number as the shop number - 07900 90 65 90 GENERAL NOTE: The DARBRO track is an ongoing development. It is by no means in its ‘end state’. We have so much more to come as weather permits. We have just completed laying Astro Turf which will allow for a lot more driving year round. PLEASE NOTE: CCTV is in operation. Please conduct yourself in a manner that sees you welcomed back time and time again, to enjoy this amazing track and its facilities. Customers that do not follow these simple, yet important rules may be asked to leave and no refund will be given. We would like to believe though that this will never be necessary. Rules are there to ensure you have a Safe and Enjoyable experience. You may not agree with them, but you do have to follow them to use the DARBRO track 🙂