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We still have the following daily Pay & Play in place ... Weekdays - £7 per day per driver Weekends - £10 per day per driver We do also have a range of money saving monthly memberships on offer which come with their own discounts, depending on the membership you take out. Sign up for either yourself, the whole family, or become a VIP member to enjoy exclusive deals!


and we would like to help with following ...
COST OF REPAIRS Many RC track enthusiasts may find the cost of labour repairs for their vehicles to be a significant expense, especially if they're frequent racers. LACK OF COMMUNITY Without a dedicated community or loyalty program, enthusiasts might feel isolated in their hobby, missing out on the camaraderie and support of fellow racers. LIMITED PRACTICE OPPORTUNITIES Access to tracks might be limited or expensive, making it challenging for enthusiasts to hone their skills regularly. INCONVENIENT CHARGING OPPORTUNITIES Finding suitable charging stations for RC batteries can be inconvenient. MISS THE TIME TO RELAX WITH YOUR HOBBY Having no place to meet, relax, and unwind while enjoying your RC car—whatever model it may be—can be frustrating.


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Loyalty & Discounts
Membership will include a 5-20% discount on labour repairs and selected products ... depending on which membership you sign up to.
Regular Practice
Enjoy your practice times on the outdoor track whenever we are open!
Group Days
Discounted birthday parties and group bookings will be available soon for your family or work colleagues.
Onsite Training
Coming soon to include setup, track etiquette, jump and race techniques and everything in between.
VIP Treatement
Become a VIP customer (Ultimate Pass) with access to special race meets and BBQ fun days with advanced first-hand information via WhatsApp and email.
Onsite Repairs
No need to travel for car repairs! Get your car repaired onsite. Coming soon will be onsite charging facility at amazing reasonable rates!
"Race Under the Sky: Conquer Our Outdoor Track Adventure!" - #1

"Race Under the Sky: Conquer Our Outdoor Track Adventure!"

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice enthusiast, our ALL WEATHER outdoor track promises endless thrills, unforgettable moments, and the pure joy of racing come rain or shine.

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Ready  To Have Fun!

Ready To Have Fun!