Revive, Restore, and Rev UpRevive, Restore, and Rev Up

Revive, Restore, and Rev Up

RC labour inspection and/or first half hour labour – £24.00 Inc. VAT (This does not include any spares/parts required) Most full services or large repairs will be charged out at a full hour. 1/5 scale also charged out at a full hour. One off Sundries charge – £ 4.75 Inc. VAT The sundries charge covers any or all of the following supplies that may be required such at cleaning materials, cable ties, the odd non-branded screws, nuts or washers we need to replace.
Don’t worry if you are unable drop your car in. Securely package the car with the form and post it to us via a courier with tracking. We will notify you when we receive it. Be sure to read the preparation checklist below before sending in your car!
1. Thoroughly clean the chassis to remove any dirt or debris. 2. Safely remove batteries from both the transmitter and chassis, placing them in a secure plastic bag to be sent along with the model. 3. If applicable, detach the body shell and retain it. Remember to keep the body clips. 4. Provide any spare parts you wish us to install during the service. 5. Include a note containing your complete contact details. 6. Enclose a note specifying the required repair or service work. 7. Ensure your shipping box is sturdy and adequately packed to protect all contents. We'll need to reuse the same box for the return shipment. If a new box is necessary, there may be an additional packaging fee. Once your RC car is serviced and repackaged, we'll inform you of the final weight and dimensions so you can arrange for courier collection.
Please contact us via WhatsApp on +447900906590 if you have any queries BEFORE you post your car.