Safety Master On-Board Servo Power Analyser – 4460470 – RCA0055


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Safety Master On-Board Servo Power Analyser – 4460470

Key Features

  • Enables you to see what power your servos are using
  • On-board Power Monitor Station
  • Recall the maximum current and minimum voltages from your flight!
  • See your actual current, voltage and power draw!

Product Description

SafetyMaster on board power analyser

This fantastic unit is designed to help you monitor power to your onboard R/C system. Batteries and BECcircuits are two of the critical areas inside your model and when things go wrong thesetwo are often found to be implicated. Thanks to SafetyMaster you can see how safe yoursystem actually is by measuring the current draw of your servos/receiver and by monitoringthe performance of your battery or BEC under load.

Graph Screen

The SafetyMaster draws a graph of current over timeelapsed since turned on and shows total time elapsedplus battery capacity used.The graph is erased when the power source is disconnected.You can also manually reset the screen byentering Yes into the Rst graph parameter in theWarning Settings screen.

Warning Settings Screen

In this screen you can adjust warning thresholds according to your needs. Check out thespecification of your receiver – or of your ESC if a BEC is used a power source, and yourbattery, and set warnings

Using a dedicated battery

Choosing a dedicated battery for powering your R/C systemis often a better and safer choice instead of a BEC, but please bear in mind the following: agood battery maintains output voltage when a load is applied – or at least doesnt fall belowthe nominal voltage. Note that with NiXX batteries – as the battery ages, so the voltagedrops. Therefore, if you measure a large voltage drop during testing, it means that theload is too great or the battery is old or perhaps some component in the system has failed.Regarding the current limit you should set max. current to around 95-100% of that specifiedby the manufacturer. If the load applied is below spec. and a steep voltage drop occursit is better to change the battery as failure to do so could lead to a potentially catastrophicbattery failure.


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