RC Turnigy Precision Propeller Balancer – ‘DuBro True Spin Style’ – DAR106


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RC Turnigy Precision Propeller Balancer – ‘DuBro True Spin Style’ – DAR106

There is nothing quite like the sound of a well-balanced propeller or ducted fan and it’s simple to do. Ensuring your prop is well balanced is an important step that’s over looked by many modellers. An imbalanced prop has the potential to damage bearings, interfere with flight controllers and distort video feed from your FPV model.

Turnigy’s precision balancer uses two almost frictionless sets of rollers either side of the frame for super accuracy. 2 adjustable tapered cones and side frames allow you to fit a variety different size propellers, ducted fans and spinners. This balancer also has the ability to balance airplane and car wheels plus helicopter heads etc.

• Can be used to balance propellers, ducted fans, spinners and much more
• Can balance props up to 30″ diameter and greater
• Virtually frictionless
• Adjustable tapered cones
• Well made, easy to assemble and change configurations

NOTE: Props/spinners in pics for demo purposes only


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