Model Technics D-1000 Diesel Easy Start 1L – 5515289


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Model Technics uses carefully engineered ingredients and

Methanol – (CH3OH) 99.85% pure. Produced to BSENISO 9002
standard and IMPCA spec and contains less than 0.05% water.

Anti-foaming – An Anti-Foaming agent is added to fuels.

EDL – A synthetic oil developed by Model Technics in 1980
and still under continuous development. Considered to be at the front of
synthetic oil technology.

Filtration – After mixing fuels are pressure filtered to 1

Castor Oil – (Ricinoleic acid to chemists) Each batch is
tested by Model Technics before acceptance. As castor oil is a natural product
there are always variations.

Klotz Oils – The leading producer of model engine oils in
USA. Super Techniplate contains 20% Castor oil while Regular Techniplate is a
pure synthetic.

ML70 – Produced by G-Max in England, formulated in the
early 70s.

Iso Propyl Nitrate – Ignition improver for diesel fuels. In
world-wide short supply. A must for diesel fuels.

Safety – Legal child resistant closures are fitted to all


SICAL additive provides:

Uncritical needle settings

Reduced head temperatures

Consistent smooth running

Noticeable power increase

Prolonged peak power runs

Smooth reliable tickover

Strong dependable pick-up

Minimal varnish and carbon

Superb corrosion protection

Extremely long engine life