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The SURGE is the latest addition to the entry level range of r/c vehicles from
FTX. With four different models centred around a shaft driven 4wd chassis
platform, there is a SURGE for every off road r/c nut.

It might be 1/12th scale,
but everyone loves a Monster Truck and the Surge MT is no different.  Featuring
a custom finished USA cab body shell, MT aggressive styled treaded tyres and
tubular front bumper and skid plate, the Surge MT is ready to tackle the path

Factory pre-assembled, the Surge MT just requires you to charge the Li-Ion
battery and add some AA batteries for the 2.4ghz radio for you to be ready to
tackle what lies ahead. A ball bearing supported, shaft driven 4wd transmission
with geared differentials provides great drive-ability on most surfaces, and
while the high quality aluminium oil filled shock absorbers soak up the bumps
and jumps. Battery access is a simple affair via the hinged bottom loading
battery cover, with the electronic speed control and brushed motor providing
excellent scale speed. 

Monster Trucks don’t always have to be big to pack a big punch.

With a sub £100 price, the SURGE range is ideal for first time r/c fans who want
more than just a toy grade model. Each model features some superb detailing and
custom finished body shells. Power and control is provided by a 2.4ghz radio
system and electronic speed control, while a Li-Ion battery powers the brushed
motor for excellent scale speed. In addition the ball bearing supported, shaft
driven 4wd system and metal oil filled shock absorbers are something not seen on
similar vehicles within this price bracket.

FTX Surge Features:

  • 99%
    Ready-To-Run 1/12th Scale
  • Oil filled threaded body aluminium shock
  • Front and rear geared differentials.
  • Shaft-driven 4WD system.
  • Enclosed and centrally placed motor,
    electronics and battery for narrow and compact chassis platform.
  • Splash proof 2-in-1 electronic speed
    control and receiver unit
  • Conveniently rear-mounted switch for
    easy access
  • Easy access to batteries from underside
    battery hatch
  • Enclosed box type chassis on all
  • All four Surge models share around 85%
    of parts

Spec Check:

  • Length: 338mm
  • Width: 265mm
  • Height: 150mm
  • Tyre Diameter: 98mm
  • Tyre Width: 48mm

Required to complete

3 x AA Batteries