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The Mammoth SP is supplied as a fully pre-assembled model, ready to run. Just
charge the battery, put 4x AA type batteries in the transmitter and the fun can
start. The batterypack, the battery charger and the 4 AA batteries are not
included in the kit and should be purchased separately.

If you are looking for a robust, durable and fast American-Look Monster Truck
that does not hold back from rough off-road work, then the Team Corally Mammoth
SP is definitely your better choice.

With this Monster Truck you can drive on almost any surface, without having to
worry that the Mammoth SP will not be able to overcome this challenge.

The Mammoth SP is designed for both the beginner and the more experienced basher

In the development and manufacture of the Mammoth SP we have used durability and
solidity as a basis. Many of the components and materials used can be found in
the high-end RC cars. Should something break down, Team Corally guarantees a
100% spare parts supply.


In order to be able to withstand the different terrains and surfaces, it is
important that the Mammoth SP is extremely robust and durable. This Monster
Truck is made with the best materials. All chassis and suspension parts are made
of the special composite material HiCC8. This composite material has been
specially formulated for Team Corally to ensure the strength and durability of
the parts.

Team Corally does not believe in plastic drive components at all. That’s why the
Mammoth SP is equipped as standard with steel drive and wheel shafts, a
transmission with strong wear-resistant metal gears and a professional
adjustable slipper-clutch to distribute the forces. The drivetrain of the
Mammoth SP is even ready to receive the most powerful brushless motors. In
short, you don’t need expensive tuning parts to make your drivetrain bullet


The Mammoth SP has a monocoque chassis made of the special composite material
HiCC8. The design guarantees an extraordinary rigidity and torsional stiffness
of the chassis. The chassis has been mounted at an elevated height, creating a
high degree of ground clearance. Rough terrain with large cliffs are really no
problem for the Mammoth SP. The long wheelbase of the Mammoth SP ensures extra
safe handling.


To brave the rough terrain, a good suspension system is extremely important. The
Mammoth SP is equipped with oversized suspension elements made of the special
composite material HiCC8. The shock absorbers are "Big Bore" type (ø16mm), with
much more volume and therefore a much better damping than the smaller shock
absorbers that are standard mounted on 1/10 scale models. The shock absorbers
are threaded for easy and precise spring tension adjustment.


The Mammoth SP comes with Monster Truck tires that have no problem overcoming
stones, sand, asphalt or other surfaces. The compound of the rubber is chosen in
such a way that a good grip is available in all conditions. The tires are glued
to strong rims made of the special composite material HiCC8.


The Mammoth SP is equipped with a powerful Speed-X 550 type electric motor with
15 turns. This motor provides a perfect balance between power, speed and driving
time. The Mammoth SP is equipped as standard with steel drive and wheel shafts,
a transmission with strong wear-resistant metal gears and a professional
adjustable slipper clutch to distribute the forces. The differential is equipped
with 6 "Heavy Duty" satellite gears. The Bullet Proof transmission of the
Mammoth SP is even ready to receive the most powerful brushless motors.


The Mammoth SP is equipped with a Varioprop® S2R digital proportional radio
control with interference-free 2.4gHz technology. The range is at least 300m.
The radio control has various adjustment options such as: Dual rate, EPA,
precision trim function, etc…. The receiver is provided with a special
protective coating against moisture and splash water. The mounted Varioprop®
CR-7209 steering servo is of the digital type and oversized for cars in this
class. Servo’s with similar performance and features should normally be
purchased as tuning or upgrade. The Varioprop® CR-7209 digital steering servo is
water-resistant, precise, fast and has an extraordinary torque of 9kg/cm. It
also features an aluminum housing for extra cooling, all-metal gears and ball

The "brushed" electronic speed controller CORA-40 is specially made by HW for
Team Corally. The CORA-40 speed controller is water resistant and is suitable
for both NiMH and Lipo batteries. The CORA-40 speed controller is equipped with
various safety features such as overload, over-temperature, under-voltage,


The Mammoth SP comes with a polycarbonate bodyshell. Polycarbonate is known as
an extremely strong and extremely impact-resistant plastic. The body is already
coloured in an attractive design, finished with beautiful stickers and an
efficient roll bar.

The large bumpers at the front and back protect the body in case of a strong

 Many RC cars today come with a body made of the much cheaper PVC
material, but at the first crash it is usually broken or ripped.


The Mammoth SP is delivered fully pre-assembled. When you take your Monster
Truck out of the box, you don’t have to assemble anything anymore. Just charge
your battery pack, put it in the car and the fun can start.

However, the Mammoth SP is supplied without a battery pack and charger. Here we
leave the driver entirely free to make his own choice when selecting a battery
for more speed or extra driving time, a simple battery charger or a higher-end
charger with more possibilities for the future….


  • Waterproof Cora 40 2-3S brushed ESC with
    adjustable LiPo cut-off and reverse lockout
  • Speed-X 550 type 15 Turns 2S High-Torque
    brushed motor
  • Varioprop® CR-7209-MG Digital Servo,
    metal gears, 9 Kg Torque
  • Ergonomic Varioprop® S2R Radio, with
    2.4gHz interference-free technology
  • Top speed 45 km/h with optional 16 T
  • Steel drive shafts + axles
  • 12 mm hard coated aluminum wheel hex
  • Bullet-proof, low friction metal gear
    transmission with sealed heavy duty gear differential
  • 32dp composite main gear with slipper
  • 12 precision sealed ball bearings
  • Aluminum motor mount
  • Steel Steering Turnbuckles
  • 16 mm adjustable oil-filled Big-Bore
  • Maintenance-friendly composite monocoque
    chassis made from HiCC8 composite material
  • Large battery tray for common NiMH and
    2-3S battery packs
  • Suspension elements made from HiCC8
    composite material
  • Durable front bumper with skid plate
  • Polycarbonate painted bodyshell with
    durable roll-cage
  • Adjustable body mounts made from HiCC8
    composite material
  • Pre-glued High-Grip Monster Truck tires
    on black 6-spoke wheels
  • Water- and dust resistant receiver






 SPEED-X 550


 Digital CR-7209-MG


  • LiPo Battery pack 2S 4500mAh
  • Ni-MH Battery pack 7.2V 3000mAh
  • Battery Charger
  • 4x LR-6 Alkaline Dry-Cells